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Welcome to WhiteAngel​

We are commited to provide professional nursing services in your home
to help you cope with your caregiving role 

About Us

Young Entrepreneur 2010 Award Winner,
WhiteAngel Caregivers Consultancy was started by a nurse who saw the struggles of her patient's family when they were planning for discharge.
Sensing their anxieties and constant fear that they may not be up to the new caregiving role, Ivy saw a need in caregivers' training and support.

She began advocating on early discharge preparation & 1-1 skills training in her patients' home as she knew that a hospital setting is very different from their residential environment. 


Ivy Low, Founder and former senior staff nurse believes that

Care at home can be better than institutional care. 

She values quality training as an essential part to caregivers who have taken over the role of a nurse when their loved one is struck with functional disability.


With the right guidance, it can make a difference to the quality care that one receives.



Thank you for the well explained session to my mum's helper.

You were very clear and detailed in your explaination. You had indeed tried very hard to make sure that the helper got the right techniques in handling the elderly. I really appreciate that.

I hope more domestic helpers will benefit from you. Keep up you passion and awesome job!


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