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Home Based Caregivers Training

All of our trainings are conducted at the comfort of your
own home.


  1. We believe that is the only place where patients are most comfortable in.

  2. Our Trainers are able to teach in the actual environment patients and caregivers live in, which is an important element in ensuring specific and relevant training

  3. During the training, our trainers can identify areas for improvement and provide some valuable suggestions.

  4. Maximises your time

Our Training Programmes

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Eldercare Home Training by Registered Nurses

(3 hours)

This is specially catered for clients who wish to learn the basic skills of caregiving.

As this is an essential training, it is conducted at the home of the person needing care.


You may apply for Home Caregivers Grant (HCG) concurrently without having to wait for training to be completed.
To find out if you are eligible for HCG, please click here

For course outline, please click here

To register and apply for AIC Grant through us, please click here

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Enabled Care Course For Care recipient below

65 years old (2 hours)

For caregivers caring for someone as young as 1 to 64 years old, this is the programme for you.


Caregivers may be caring for a child with cerebral palsy, Autism, Global Developmental Delay, Spinal Bifida or any other physically, cognitively or mentally challenged conditions. We are here to help you cope with the daily demands of your duties.


Caregivers applying for Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) may select this course too. 

For course outline, please click here

To register for this course through us, please click here

CPR & First Aid Management

First aid skills are very useful in every household, let alone with a care recipient. Here, we are able to bring the training to your home to equip you and your family members with essential skills to save a life and buy precious time.

Training includes identifying signs of stroke and relieving a choking person.

Do not wait till there is an emergency to apply, sign up before it happens.
For course outline, please click here
To register for this course using Caregivers Training Grant (CTG),
please click here 

Home Milk Delivery

Care for

Feeding Tube Course

2 Hours

Learn all about the care for Nasogastric Tube (NGT) or Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube (PEG)

  • Where does the tube goes to?

  • How to ensure tube is in place before feeding starts?

  • Possible complications

  • How to troubleshoot if the tube is blocked?

    And More......


Woman & Doctor

Care for

Urinary Tube Course*

2 Hours

Prevent urinary infection with this course. The key points required to manage the tube, to drain and to anchor.

  • How to insert intermitten catheters using aseptic techniques

  • How to care for the tube to prevent infections

  • How to spot a slipped out tube and what to do?

    And More......


Lungs Sketch


Care for patients with COPD, Tracheostomy or Suctioning Care

2 Hours

Find out what is important for someone with respiratory issues.

  • Understand how the lungs and airway works

  • Manage the oxygen level to a desireable level

  • Techniques to manage cough and breathlessness

  • Practice how to suction and care for the airway


*All the course above are entitled to Government subsidy except Care for Urine tube course

Call us now 6100 1701 to find out more

Subsidies does not have income cap.

All Singaporeans can apply.

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