Care for

Feeding Tube Course

2 Hours

Learn all about the care for Nasogastric Tube (NGT) or Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube (PEG)

  • Where does the tube goes to?

  • How to ensure tube is in place before feeding starts?

  • Possible complications

  • How to troubleshoot if the tube is blocked?

    And More......


Care for

Urinary Tube Course*

2 Hours

Prevent urinary infection with this course. The key points required to manage the tube, to drain and to anchor.

  • How to insert intermitten catheters using aseptic techniques

  • How to care for the tube to prevent infections

  • How to spot a slipped out tube and what to do?

    And More......



Care for patients with COPD, Tracheostomy or Suctioning Care

2 Hours

Find out what is important for someone with respiratory issues.

  • Understand how the lungs and airway works

  • Manage the oxygen level to a desireable level

  • Techniques to manage cough and breathlessness

  • Practice how to suction and care for the airway


*All the course above are entitled to Government subsidy except Care for Urine tube course

Call us now 6100 1701 to find out more

Subsidies does not have income cap.

All Singaporeans can apply.

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