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Caregivers Training Grant (CTG)

Home Caregivers Grant (HCG)

These are 2 grants you may consider to offset your caregiving costs.

What is Caregivers Training Grant?

Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) is a $200 yearly grant given to offset the training fees for caregiving courses.


Caregivers can choose to attend relevant courses to help with their understanding to the disease process, practical skills and even emergency support to ensure they are able to cope with life after an illness for a love one in the community.


Families with/without FDW caring for a person requiring the assistance may apply.

No income capped. 


For caregivers caring for persons below 65 years old, care recipient must have some form of inability to perform at least 3 of the activities listed below:

  1. Personal Hygiene

  2. Toileting/ Elimination

  3. Dressing

  4. Transferring

  5. Mobility

  6. Feeding

Happy Family at Home
Happy Family

Home Caregivers Grant (HCG)

The Home Caregiving Grant (HCG) is a $200 monthly cash payout to support your loved ones with at least permanent moderate disability, i.e. always require some assistance to perform 3 or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  


This grant can be used to defray the costs of caregiving expenses, such as the costs of eldercare and caregiver support services in the community, or hiring of a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW).

How do I apply?

Call us at 6100 1701
You may visit us at :
Katong Shopping Centre 865 Mountbatten Road #01-45
Singapore 437844 

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