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Is your world too small?

Today, as I was feeling all stressed up by work and my family, I walked passed him. Only to realise few steps after that he was in the middle of the busy street. I walked back with a note. He slowly turn towards me but struggled to look at me. Not because he was rude but because he can't. Then he attempts to receive my note but was only able to move 2 fingers.

For $2, I felt heavier than before I saw him yet my personal troubles left me. 

Today if you are feeling troubled or helpless, perhaps your problem is too small if you would just open your eyes to your surroundings.

Ms Ivy Low, the author, is a senior registered nurse and the founder of WhiteAngel Caregivers Consultancy Pte Ltd. She has over 13 years of experience in Nursing and over the last few years, her company focuses on training FDW and family members on how to care for a sick and/or elderly at home. 

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